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Brutal-8-E (Mustard Edition) [CD5"]
Label: Network Records
Catalog#: NWK CD 59
Format: CD5"
Country: UK
Released: 1992
Genre: Electronic
Style: Breakbeat, House, Hardcore, Cut-up/DJ
Notes: "Mustard Edition" in mustard-yellow digipak case. Brutal-8-E is based on Let's Get Brutal by Nitro Deluxe.
Track 4 is a megamix featuring Frequency, Infiltrate 202, Move My Body, Re-Indulge, E-Vapor-8, Hypnotic State, Give It To Baby, Frequency (again), Real Time Status, Brutal-8-E, Re-Indulge (again), A D-8 With Plezure, Activ-8, 8's Revenge and Armageddon.


01 - Brutal-8-E (Jungle Brutalism Mix) [5:12]
02 - Brutal-8-E (Z-Trance Mix) [7:39]
03 - Evapor-8 (Nexus 21 Just 4 Gemma Mix) [5:58]
04 - Full-On Megamix Of "Full-On Mask Hysteria" [10:51]
Ogg [A8RFS]
Flac [A8RFS]
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