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New old track

Balkan Vinyl in early 2013 will be announcing a new remake of classic Altern 8 track by Mark Archer. This release also be encluding remixes to this track, like a 'Frequency Remixes'.
September in da house

To section 'Sets' added:
Nexus 21 Live set demo'[xx-xx-90]
Rave Our Souls 3 (Muziekodroom, Belgium) [11-11-08]
The Source 1st Birthday (Birmingham, England)'[02-04-11]
Replay Festival Belgium(Noorderwijk, Belgium)'[22-07-11]

To section 'Other (audio)' added unreleased track Nexus 21 - Crazy.

Mark Archer - Frequency Remixes

October 31th 2011 published in limited edition (500 copies) on vinyl collection of Frequency remixes, release will include re-written version of the original Frequency.

You can pre-order this release here.
The One on Radio One

Full track version 'The One' was played on Radio 1 at 7th may.
You can download radio rip from here.
HTML5 / WebM Video

Now all online videos on our site is only available in HTML5/WebM format. HTML5/Theora and Flash Video support will be no more.

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