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Added new tracks to our remixes collection:

Activ 8 (DJ VBK Remix), E-Vapor 8 (Volt Project's Digital Ravexpression Remix), Frequency (Bandit Live Edit) & (Fredgy Remake), Frequency (DFRNT Remix), Frequency (Mannik Remix), Frequency (Soulwax Remix), Hypnotic St-8 (Kudos Sunday Mix), Hypnotic St-8 (Nintendj Limited Short Remix).

If you have any remixes that are not on our site - contact with us!
We Can Make It?

Updated rip I Know We Can Make It.
Added mix with Altern 8 tracks by DJ Jarren 202.
To section 'Articles' added 'Altern 8 history by DJ Jarren 202'.
Mind Machines

Added 2 unreleased Nexus 21 tracks - Mind Machines and Self Hypnosis (Unreleased Mix).
Dancedaze 1990

Added live video Nexus 21 from Dancedaze (thx Altern8ed).
Technical works - ending

All files posted on the website are now available.

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