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On the day of the start of sales Activ8 (Remixes 2013), one of the main initiators of the campaign 'Activ8 for Xmas No. 1 '- JD (, kindly agreed to answer a few questions.

A8RFS: So, how the idea came to mind with chart campaign?

JD: It was started as a Facebook page, just for fun, by an Altern 8 fan called Loz Russell.
Someone forwarded it to Mark Archer (one half of Altern 8) when there were less than 10 fans of the page. He shared it on his timeline and the whole thing exploded, with 10,000 fans adding within a couple of days. I then got in touch with Loz and offered my help (I have a background as a club promoter, Mark has DJ'd for me, that's how we met) and it just went from there!

A8RFS:  Why is Activ8? Yep, it's a legendary rave anthem, but it really knows everyone in UK or just rave crew?

JD: Loz chose it because it was Altern 8's biggest hit back in 1991.
It's very much a UK rave scene thing - most people don't really remember's a very underground thing now.

A8RFS: How did you get Mark Archer's support and Network Records?

JD: When I saw the page shared on Mark Archer's Facebook feed, I contacted the page and offered to help. It's 100% fan-led and we're not doing it for money or anything.
I keep in touch with Mark about what's going on and when people ask to interview him etc. he's been really helpful!
He put me in touch with Neil Rushton at Network Records, and between them they organised remixes and a re-release on the 15th - both Neil and Mark have been amazing and behind the campaign. I've also spoken with Chris Peat, but he's only really been interested in making sure he gets paid.

A8RFS: How high do you estimate the chances of success of chart's conquest?

JD: We don't know! There are 25,000 supporters and ten versions on five different shops, so if everone actually puts their money where their mouths are then top ten, or even number one are very possible. But if it turns out to just be a lot of hot air then it could be disappointing...I guess we'll get an idea on the mid-week count (4pm Wednesday).

A8RFS: What music stores participating in the chart campaign?

Amazon - link
HMV - link
7Digital - link
Google Play - link
iTunes - link

15th december 2013.


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