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Lately you have started to give small live performances before dj set with МС and dancers. Fans of it waited for a long time. Under what circumstances the idea to revive live sound was born?

We haven't done Live performances for years, myself and mkone (the original altern 8 mc) have been doing dj sets and on a few occasions the two original Altern 8 dancers came along to make it more of a visual performance, but it was still a dj set playing not only some Altern 8 material but also classics from the rave era.

Many Russian fans still have not managed to visit at least one of your sets. Whether you will continue to give oldskool sets under name Altern 8?

Unfortunately we are no longer able to dj using the name Altern 8 but myself and mkone will continue to play oldskool dj sets and hope one day that a promoter from Russia will book us for an event there.

Did you like the recent tour of Australia, out of it particularly memorable, and what would be interesting you could share with the Russian fans of memories.

It was an amazing experience as it's the first time that we have been to Australia, the scene over there is really good and it was great to play all the oldskool classics to an appreciative audience so far away from home.

You already long enough playing sets with MkOne. During all this time you still get pleasure from performing?

The music that we play is music that changed everything for us back in the late 80's and early 90's so we still get the same buzz from djing now that we always did.

Recently in the internet appeared Brutal-8-E vid in which you lightly veiled satirize group Prodigy, their appearance and manners. Can this be revenge for their clip Out of space and whether general, to draw parallels between these two clips?

It was a very light hearted joke towards the prodigy but that video was never really used to publicize the song so it's only recently that people have really seen it - but for some reason people have always thought there was a nasty rivalry between ourselves and the prodigy with was never true.

Who and why had the idea to hide their faces for the respirators. And just who was developing the image of the group, who was a designer of logos and clothing?

We were performing live pa's under our other project name 'Nexus 21' and had played at a particular club when they asked us to perform as Altern 8, so we needed to make ourselves look different so the performance wouldn't be confusing, so I came up with the ide for using the chemical warfare suits and painting the masks fluorescent.

Why the Chris's talking parrot didn't get a guest vocalist spot on one of the tunes? :)

His Parrot never eally spoke that much and never said 'rave on'.

Why 'Infiltrate' is 202?

Infiltrate sounded quite a 'ravey' name and the sub bass on the tune was made on a Roland MC 202.

After the release of 'Everybody', whether the planned release of new Altern 8 releases?

Everybody was the last ever Altern 8 release, the sleeve notes said that we were going to revert back to Nexus 21 and so that was the end of Altern 8.

Do not plan to release mix 'Old Skool Euphoria 2'?

Even though the Euphoria cd was a fantastic compilation, the label didn't feel that the market was ready for a volume 2 so it was never made.

Do you linked with Network reissue releases or is it solely their idea?

It was soley their idea.

Do you regret not taking the $1,000,000 offer from a USA record label who wanted the Altern 8 rights?

It would have been nice, but it was never about the money, it was more about being with a company who we thought would promote the music well in the states.

Why Nexus 21 release of 'I Know We Can Make It' has not gone beyond the promo?

The vocal samples were never cleared and so it was never fully released.

In the Internet was information that was planned a way out of the second LP Nexus 21. Is this true?

We did record a second Nexus 21 LP in 1991 but it was never finished or released as the work schedule for Altern 8 took too much of our time.

'Ring Of Gyges' came out in February, maybe you have plans to soon release new releases?

I have a new track coming out on Balkan Vinyl at the end of this month titled '21:41'.

Are there any plans to release a full album?

Maybe when i have enough material i will release a solo LP, but not just yet ;)

Your future releases will be only go further in digital distribution?

The songs for einna ep came out on vinyl and the new '21:41' on Balkan Vinyl is also a vinyl release, it just depends on what the label wants to do with each release.

Will live sets (not oldskool) with your new tracks?

Hopefully i will be able to do some solo live sets soon performing versions of tracks on the Einna ep and the Gyges ep. 

You have recently started to spread unreleased tracks, whether you are planning to continue to spread them in the future?

It is hopefully a way of seeing if any labels are interested in releasing them properly and letting people hear tracks that otherwise would have remained hidden.

Where can we learn about your future gigs?

Soon myself and mkone will have a new myspace and facebook group with updates of any dj gigs we are doing and i have my own 'Mark Archer' facebook page that is constantly updated with tracks and event news.

What was the Best rave He ever went to but did not perform at?

The Amnesia house events in Coventry were always the best along with the nights at Shelley's in Stoke - if we weren't playing at a rave, we'd be in shelley's or the eclipse (coventry).

What music inspires you now?

Detroit Techno, always has been my main influence and always will be.

Whether you communicate with Derrick May, Juan Atkins?

I try to go and see Derrick djing when he is playing near where i live and have seen him a few times recently, the last time i saw Juan was at the bangface weekender 2 years ago when they performed as Model 500 - an amazing live set.

What hardware you use (used) for writing tracks?

I used to use an Atari 1040st and various Akai samplers and Roland drum machines but now I do most of my tracks on the pc using either Reaper or Cubase.

Your attitude to the styles UK Garage, UK Classic Garage, Hardcore Breaks.

Not really a big fan of any of those as i prefer oldskool to hardcore breaks and American garage to the UK style.

Have you ever been in Russia and should we wait for you here? A lot of people would be happy to get to your live.

We have never been but would love to visit and dj there some time - just hope that a promoter books us one day :D

Whether pleasantly to realize what you are classics of the whole epoch, whole rave culture, or you don't consider, what is it what that achievement?

It's more that we could ever have dreamed of back then that 20 years on, people would still listen to and sometimes be inspired by music that we made, so i am really proud of the track we made.

Tell me something specially for the Russian fans. They will be pleased to read this :)

Thank you for all your support over the years and hopefully soon we will be able to visit and dj at a rave/club in Russia :D

12th january 2010.

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