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The old-skool rave DJ and producer played at Café Mamba in Taunton on Sunday, 8 April, 2007. BBC Somerset reviewer Louise Garratt went along to check him out.

Organised by Bristol promoters Blast, the night kicked off to a good start, courtesy of resident DJs playing some quality tracks ranging from The Killers to Prodigy and even the Thompson Twins.
I think their motto is - if you can dance to it, they'll play it!
Then it was time for Altern8's Mark Archer to take to the decks, in his trademark green chemical warfare suit and face mask.

Old skool/nu skool party vibe.

His set was to include tracks that were to transport me (and a few other people there) back to the days of warehouse parties and outdoor raves. Happy days - or should that be daze?
Mark alternated (sorry about the awful pun) between a selection of Detroit electro-beats and old-skool classics that have never really dated in my opinion - they were as good to hear now as they were back then.
We were treated to Shades of Rhythm's Sweet Sensation, Xpansion's Move Your Body and Gat Décor's Passion.
Then the music had a more hardcore edge, when SL2's Way in My Brain and, of course, Altern8's own Activ-8 and E-Vapor-8 hit the decks.
I guess a lot of the crowd weren't old enough to remember some of the tracks the first time around, but all the same they loved it - I did.
There was a real old skool/nu skool party vibe to the night.

Altern8 - we salute you.

Finally, I have to mention Mashthebandit, one of Blast's resident DJs.
He took over the decks at the end and, I must say, dropped a few surprises - but good ones.
The final track was a Beach Boys' classic.
I think it was Good Vibrations but by that time it was 3am, and after dancing almost continuously since 9.30pm (only stopping for a drink now and again), I was a little the worse for wear in the tiredness stakes, so my memory went the way of a goldfish.
What I did take away with me was a happy feeling and a reminder of the good (or not so good sometimes) days that once were.
With guys like Altern8 around to keep playing those tunes for us, they will never go away.

Altern8 - we salute you!

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