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Tape's time!

To section 'Sets' added records from Vibealite & Illusion Summer Sensation Rewind 2002 and Hardcore Till I Die 3 - Energy 2004.
Mark Archer - Armageddon [2013]

At kickstarter started campaign to raise money for release new vinyl with remixes to original track. Original rework like Frequency will be available for free after release. Release date: november 2013.

Remixes preview:
Kickstarter campaign:
Mark Archer's twitter

To main page added section with last Mark Archer's twitter messages.
Now you will be able always to be aware of the latest news :)
Frequency Remixes

To site added 2 Frequency Remixes editions.
New old track

Balkan Vinyl in early 2013 will be announcing a new remake of classic Altern 8 track by Mark Archer. This release also be encluding remixes to this track, like a 'Frequency Remixes'.

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