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Trackman / Techno mix

To section 'Sets' added a Mark Archer's mix in a more modern style than usual.
The king is dead, long live the king!

Despite the fact that Mark Archer and MkOne can no longer use the name Altern 8 to their performances, the guys continue to give sets under a new name. And so meet - Mark II.

Already on February 26 this year at the Bang Face Weekender they give the first set with a new name, moreover, at the same event, Mark Archer will give a solo set and apparently it will play the new material.

To site added album reissue released in 2008.
Come with me, tonight's the night...

To site added promo Activ 8 (Come With Me)(Promo) [NWKT 34] [12"].
Interview with Mark Archer

To site added our interview with Mark Archer. Thank you Mark! :)
New remixes

To section 'Remixes' added 4 new remixes:
Activ 8 (The Wobble Junkies Ain't Waiting Bootleg)
Frequency (Fictive Chaos remix)
Activ 8 (JohnPaulDJ Mix)
Move My Body (Nelly Bootleg)

To section 'Other (audio)' added new mix of FOMH tracks by AGTRaveCru.

Created section 'Links'.

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