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Live dates 2015

A few months ago, after a long break, the band finally started performing again under the name Altern 8.

This year has already appointed amount of DJ-sets and live performances. The list of available dates in the right part of the site.

Activ 8 #33

Today announced the final results of sales Activ 8.
Despite the fact that on some sites we in first top 10, in UK chart we are only on 33th place.

Well this is certainly not the first 10, but still not bad that the track 22 years ago returned to the charts and reminded people about good music :)
Activ 8 (2013 Remixes)

Yesterday, December 15, 2013, released Activ8 remastering version and 9 remixes to this track. Until December 22th, we attempt Activ8 to the first place in music charts. Join us!

You can buy track here: 7Digital, Amazon, HMV, Google Play, iTunes.

On the occasion of this event, we asked a few questions to one of the main initiators of the campaign - JD, thanks him for that!

Altern8 - Activ8 for Xmas No. 1

Not so long ago started action to return the Activ8 track to music charts for this Xmas.
A little later this project has official support from Network Records (original Altern 8 label) and Mark Archer.

As result in 15th December 2013 we have re-release 'Altern 8 - Activ 8 (Come With Me) 2013 Remixes', you can make pre-order here.
A little later, come out remixes dedicated to this event:

Armageddon Remixes

Release comes the 1st of January 2014.
It contains 3 vinyls: two of which are freely available in sale, the 3rd is available only in 'Armageddon Rave Survival Pack'.

Armageddon Remixes Part 1 (Red 12" vinyl) (500 vinyls):
01. Armageddon (Radioactive Man Remix)
02. Armageddon (DJ Marky Remix)
03. Armageddon (Ceephax Acid Crew Remix)
04. Armageddon (Mark Broom Remix)
05. Armageddon (Nightwave Remix)

Armageddon Remixes Part 2 (Green 12" vinyl) (500 vinyls):
06. Armageddon (The Hacker Remix)
07. Armageddon (Rennie Foster Remix)
08. Armageddon (KiNK Remix)
09. Armageddon (Neil Landstrumm Remix)

Origin-8 EP (Blue 12" vinyl) (available only in 'Armageddon Rave Survival Pack'):
01. Armageddon (Trackman Remix) (Mark Archer's remix)
02. Frequency (Barrow Boy Remix)
03. Frequency (Posthuman Remix)
04. Say It Y'all (Evapor8 Origin8)

You can pre-order this release here.


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